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Chiropractic Care CA - The Use of Active Release Technique (ART)

Active Release Technique (ART) has been around for decades as a treatment for soft tissue disorders. Once a treatment exclusively for elite athletes, anyone suffering from pain and mobility issues due to overused muscles can benefit from it now. In fact, Stockton-resident patients of this condition can avail of this service at Chiropractor Care CA.

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Chiropractic Care CA offers many natural, non-invasive treatment methods to assist patients in achieving their optimal health and wellness. One of these methods includes various massage therapy techniques categorized under Massage Chiropractic Stockton. These include Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Cupping, Lymphatic Drainage Work, and lastly, Myofascial Release (MFR) through Active Release Technique (ART).

What is Myofascial Release (MFR)?

To understand what Myofascial Release is and how it works, we have to know what myofascia means. Myofascial tissues are thin yet strong membranes that wrap, connect, and support your muscles. It stretches and supports our muscles when we move.

Healthy myofascial tissue is soft, smooth, slippery, and flexible. But it changes its form due to either limited physical activity, repetitive use of a muscle, trauma from surgery or injury, or emotional stress. It becomes gummy, tight, and rigid. It also crinkles up and forms knots and scar tissues which cause pain and a restriction in movement.

Myofascial Release is a way of manually restoring lost range of motion in the joints and treating pain by breaking up the knots formed in the myofascial tissue. Active Release Technique, however, is a packaged form of MFR.

Active Release Technique Stockton

Active Release Technique combines manipulation and movement to effectively treat soft tissue damages that cause limited mobility and pain. This can also be used to treat problems that involve muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves.

ART can be likened to getting a massage except that instead of strokes, the chiropractor directs tension on a specific body part. At the same time, the patient is asked to do some movements. It should not hurt, but the movements may be uncomfortable to the patient due to the precise pressure. After a treatment session, the patient may feel some soreness around the tissue, but intense pain is infrequent.

This treatment is designed to serve three purposes: to restore motion of all soft tissues, to release entrapped nerves; and, to re-establish the optimal texture, function, and resilience of soft tissues.

Candidates for ART:

Patients diagnosed with the following conditions can find relief in ART: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, plantar fasciitis, sciatic nerve pain, arthritis, Golfer’s or Tennis Elbow, Runner’s Knee, Shin Splints, Bursitis, Nerve Entrapment Syndrome, and many more.

If you are experiencing the following symptoms, you may also benefit from ART: stiffness in the neck, back, and extremities; increased pain when exercising; sharp pain in the bottom of foot or heel; pain, numbness, tingling in your fingers; reduced flexibility; and, limited range of motion.  

Potential Risks and Side-Effects of ART:

As a non-invasive form of treatment, ART has no known short-term or long-term side effects, especially if done by an ART Certified Provider. They may be licensed chiropractors, physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, medical doctors, osteopathic doctors, registered nurses, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, and massage therapists.

Treatment Sessions:

A regular session usually takes about 15 minutes. The first session may take longer since you and your chiropractor have to go over your health history, symptoms, and lifestyle first. These will be followed by some form of assessment to diagnose the cause of your immobility and pain.

Have pain and mobility issues? Contact Chiropractic Care CA.

ART is the gold standard in soft tissue therapy. If you are experiencing pain and limited mobility, contact Chiropractic Care CA to book an appointment for an ART session.

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