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Massage Therapy Stockton CA - Types of Chiropractic Massages

Chiropractic care focuses on the alignment of the spine and the improvement of the central nervous system. Massage therapy aims to relieve muscle stress and tension. Both, when used simultaneously in one treatment plan, work wonders as restorative and preventive therapies. This is why, when possible, chiropractors at Massage Therapy Stockton incorporate these two methods in one treatment plan for people suffering from back neck and shoulder pain.

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We often get asked about the difference between a regular massage from spas or hotels to the massages given in a chiropractic clinic. While they overlap in some areas, such as their ability to provide relief and relaxation, both are very different. One notable difference is that the therapists that offer these services are trained differently. Chiropractors are doctors. As doctors working in a clinical setting, their scope of practice is broader. Part of their work involves discussing your health history, symptoms, and lifestyle. They also run diagnostic tests. Massage therapists do not really have to know your health history in detail.

Another difference is the focus of the procedure. Massage therapists aim to relax your mind, body, and soul. Chiropractors mainly aim to find the source of the patient’s stress or health issues and address them.

Finally, massage therapists and chiropractors offer different kinds of massages. A masseuse typically offers Swedish, Thai, Hot Stone, and Shiatsu massages. Though these massages are beneficial for the health, they do not aim to cure.

Types of Chiropractic Massages

When seeking Chiropractic care from Massage Therapy Stockton for your body aches and pain, your chiropractor may do the following massages before or after your spinal alignment:

Deep Tissue Massage
Your chiropractor will use slow and forceful strokes on the deep layers of the target muscle. This massage provides chronic pain relief, reduces inflammation, increases range of motion and blood flow.

Trigger Point Therapy
This massage is designed to release trigger points or muscles spasms locked in place. Issues this massage addresses include pain, mobility, muscular tension, and circulation.

Orthopedic Massage
Orthopedic massage is best for patients with trauma-induced injuries or postural dysfunction. The chiropractor utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to restore function and structural balance. Conditions that can benefit from this include scoliosis, postural distortions, carpal tunnel syndrome, compressed disks, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, and many more.

Myofascial Release
This hands-on technique is done by applying gentle, sustained pressure to myofascial areas that feel stiff. People experiencing the following can benefit from this treatment: chronic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, cervical and lumbar injuries, emotional trauma, migraines, sciatica, shin splints, osteoarthritis, and a lot more.

Active Isolated Stretching
In this procedure, the chiropractor treats tension patterns in the muscle by actively and safely stretching a relaxed muscle. This encourages flexibility and healing, resulting in pain relief, improved mobility and range of motion, better balance, and boosted immune system.

Lymphatic Drain
This is a specialized type of massage that involves pushing the lymph nodes to help them drain.
Sports Massage
This type of massage helps athletes prepare for an event. The benefits of this massage include the reduction of recovery time post-event, the prevention of injuries, reduction of fatigue, and improved endurance.

Swedish Massage
This is the most common type of massage and is often incorporated in Deep Tissue Massage. This technique applies light to medium pressure on target areas to reduce joint pain and stiffness. It also helps increase circulation and remove wastes that build-up due to stressors.

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